Different Types of Security Guard Services

Different Types of Security Guard Services

With crime statistics at an all-time high in South Africa most people are turning to security companies for protection. There are a number of different security firms out there, as well as different levels of security personnel. When you are looking for a security company to take care of your home, or your family members, you will want to know the different grades and the security guard services they offer. Grades of securityrange from grade E to grade A, with grade A officers being compensated the highest.

security guard servicesGrade E is your typical mall or parking level security. This person is also capable of walking the beat of a property that needs 24 hour protection. Grade E level officers are not allowed to carry guns and are only there as eyes and ears. To offer the best security guard services they can, most companies only employ personnel that hold grades C, B and A.

Armed Response and Close Combat Security Guard Services

There are a number of security companies that offer armed response services. The biggest companies in South Africa today are Chubb and ADT Security. These companies offer full armed response and home monitoring security guard services that allow you to rest easy when you are at home or at work.

If you are looking for personal security you will find companies like Delta One International and Global Bodyguard offer executive security guard services and protection. These companies also offer in-house weapons training and close combat training to each member of their force, so that they can offer you the best protection when you need it most.

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